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Claudia Lucke (1985) is based in the Dutch city, Haarlem. After her studies tourism and her bachelor degree in Leisure management she started a career in the advertising industry. But her drive to discover the world was stronger and she moved to rural Malawi, managing a lodge. “It is in Malawi that I found my true passion: photography. I am fascinated by different cultures. After I lived in Malawi I cycled from Cape Town to Amsterdam. During this wild adventure I developed my photography skills as well as my ability to truely connect with people,  capture people and moments of everyday live. I love traveling and especially traveling in Africa. It is on this continent that I developed my preference for bright and popping colours. The beautiful women wearing Chitenges in so many different colours, the earthly color of the ground and the colorful stores in the streets. The use of bright and dominant colours is still something you see in my work”
Today her main focus is street documentary. A lot of subjects are tourism related, where she still finds her other passion. 
She spends half her time abroad working on various autonomous series. 

With her serie #iwasthere she was one of the finalists of theOlympus young talent award 2020 and her work was on display at Foam Cafe in Amsterdam. 

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'#iwasthere' - 2020 Finalist Olympus Young Talent Award and Exposition in Foam café, Foam, Amsterdam


Interviews and Publications: 

2020 - Publication in Kiekie No 30 

2020 - Interview 


Commissioned:, SingularityU The Netherlands, Bestseller,,, Founders+, Grannies Radio