Cape Town #iwasthere

" With my work I want to take the viewer on a roadtrip through the streets of the world. With the serie #iwasthere I want to expose how smartphones and social media dominate our travels. The pictures that are photographed are taken all over the world"

Claudia Lucke 

" I can stare at a horizon for hours. Watching the colours change, the different shapes the water forms, the sunset over the mountains and the feeling it gives me that the world is at your feet. I find to watch the horizon inspiring. "


Ever since I was a little girl me and my family would go on beach holidays or drive to the Dutch coast. I have always loved the smell of the ocean and the sound of the waves. No matter where you are in the world people get drawn to the sea. Whether it is for recreation, getting tanned or to fish. With the serie “Life at the beach” I want to show all the different ways we spend time at the beaches around the world.   


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