#iwasthere - Finalist Olympus Young Talent Award 2020 organised by Foam & Kiekielab


“Posting on social media is just as important as the holiday itself"

About the serie: 

With the serie #iwasthere I want to expose how smartphones and social media dominate our travels.

The pictures that are photographed are taken all over the world: on 5 different continents in different countries.
The tourism sector has changed enormously in recent years. Traveling has become accessible to many people and social platforms give each individual a stage to show their adventures to the world. We no longer travel within our own continent, but we cross different continents to find the most idyllic places. It seems that people are traveling more and more with the reason to share these adventures with their followers instead of really enjoy where they are and what the cultural backgrounds are. 

When we travel it seems that we see the world through our phones. Do travelers realize that they all take the same pictures everywhere? And share the same photos on social platforms to show our followers where we are and what we do? Do we enjoy the time and place where we are? Or is it more about taking pictures of yourself and each other? Do we travel from photo to photo with the sole purpose to post on our social media wall?

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